Quick Check in

Goal setting and reflection

Another semester- with seemingly daily unanticipated changes and unknowns! You all keep navigating college with grace and fortitude! Let's spend a few minutes together reflecting on what your goals were initially and set some new ones for the Fall term. If you want to get a jumpstart on the mtg- here's the google form we will use: https://brooke-grad.info/setgoals

Apply to the Brooke Alumni Fund

Click here to schedule a meeting with your advisor and learn more about how our Alumni Fund can help alleviate your financial stress! (this is a required mtg in order to apply to the Brooke Alumni Fund) The Brooke Alumni Fund was established to help support alumni with unexpected or additional expenses related to earning a college degree. Here are a few examples: * an outstanding balance preventing you from registering * summer classes that aren't covered by financial aid * study abroad expenses * unpaid internship * practicum placement expenses

Complete my Course Planner

Together we will map out a plan for what classes to take (not just next semester but for your whole degree) so that you earn your degree in 4 yrs! and don't have any BIG or BAD surprises! This is a necessary tool to complete prior your 2nd year of college!

CSS Profile Completion

For those of you who need to complete a CSS profile in order to apply for Financial Aid- we'll aim to complete your CSS profile within this mtg

I need to do my FAFSA

Probably won't take an hour! Just come prepared with your FSA ID and password

Help me clean out my inbox

Are you getting frustrated, annoyed, overwhelmed by how many emails you are getting?  Have you gotten emails that are confusing but possibly VY important? Are you avoiding your inbox? TOGETHER, We'll go through your inbox and figure out what is important and make sense of all your emails-

Professional Connection

Choose this mtg type if you are not one of my current student advisees. If 30 mins will not be sufficient, please feel free to book back-to-back times.